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A big welcome and a bit of warning

Plus the usual disclaimer


Welcome to this open site, a free resource for the Spiritualist community worldwide. It was created - for the highest and the best - as a way for us to give back the so many blessings that we have received and keep receiving from Spiritualism. The value of this site comes from the fact that information and resources are posted and can be used - free of charge - by Spiritualists and non Spiritualists all over the world. But please be aware that we don't know the people whose posts you see on this site - we really don't - and that we don't endorse any post or guarantee their validity.

Your Participation: You are VERY welcome to submit to this site information that you believe would be of interest to Spiritualists. Just click on the "Submit" link located at the top of the title of the appropriate board; a friendly posting form will open where to paste your text and add a graphic from your computer. Your post will be reviewed by a moderator within one day. Alternatively, if you prefer to email the information to us, we will be happy to post it online.

Warning: When you contact readers, healers and others whose posts you see on this site, please keep in mind that they can never guarantee that a healing or a link with someone in the Spirit World will be made or will be successful or accurate: These are experiments - not scientifically proven - that are mentioned on this site for entertainment purposes only. Also, please remember that readings by mediums and psychics, and spiritual healing, should never be used as a substitute for advice from qualified professionals. By using this site, you agree that we bear no responsibility regarding any info on this site.

Reporting Problems: If you see anything wrong on our site - scam, dishonest or incompetent service provider, etc. - please send us an email right away because we really don't want them. Thank you.

Contact Us: We welcome your emails. We carefully review each email we receive (unless, for any reason, it goes to our Spam folder). We welcome suggestions and advice.

We hope that you enjoy using this site as much as we enjoy building it.

In light.

The team of SpiritualistResources.com


This site is dedicated to my teacher Reverend Anne B., who took me by the hand and, with love

and lots of patience, guided me throughout Spiritualism at a time when I so much needed it.






If our thoughts dwell on poverty and illness,

 we will draw these conditions to us.

If we elevate our thoughts

to a higher frequency level,

 we will reap harmony and abundance.

This is a fixed universal law

that cannot be changed.

James Van Praagh




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