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Re: Unknown past life trauma causing physical symptoms?
By:Wendy Gillissen
Date: 7 January 2018

Dear Violet,

Itís great that you were able to reduce your symptoms by 80% by way of diet! The remainder might indeed have underlying causes of a more energetic, emotional /psychological nature. Itís difficult from an e-mail to get a sense of what might be causing them, what issues might still cause your stomach pains. They could originate from a past life, from early childhood, etc. In my experience, things to do with the stomach are often associated with issues of stress, power and powerlessness, strength or lack thereof: third chakra themes. A good intake interview with a regression therapist who is able to work with the whole range of experiences, from past lives, to intra-utero, to early childhood, might be able to assess with you where the root problem lies and work with it. Sometimes, an issue is located both in one or more past lives AND early childhood and adolescence: themes that have not been resolved tend to repeat themselves until we have healed them. There might also be a parasitic energy attached to the problem. This is something I usually find out while working with a client in session: they cannot hide themselves, once you go inside with the help of a therapist and explore! So, my advice to you would be to look up an experienced, all-round (past life) regression therapist in your area. Roger Woolger has trained many in the UK, perhaps his institute is a good place to start. Well wishes from the Netherlands, Wendy

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