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Past lover through physchosis
Date: 31 March 2017

I have been having vivid dreams since 16 after being raped in the woods and not telling anyone, they came to me then.

There is a man, very skeletal and gaunt, long ebony hair and hollowed out black eyes who loves me, he has sex with me in my sleep and dreams. When he wants to rape me he wears a red suit.

Is this man a past lover?

Does this man need love, is he lost? Malingering.

Why is he in love with me and follows me?

I see him everywhere

He watches me sleep and penetrates me.

I'm 23, it's been going on since 16.

I saw a woman first WHILE I was in the mental hospital for not speaking up about being raped. She had choppy black hair hollowed out eyes black an old crinoline dress covered in ashes. It was broad daylight, I was alone and she was there. The hospital [...] has been in flames before.

Are they ghosts? Fairies? Past lovers?

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