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Re: The nature of the learning process through reincarnation
By:Wendy Gillissen
Date: 20 March 2017

Hello and thanks for your question!

I think that the way the whole process of learning and growing through incarnation is structured, is infinitely complex but also perfectly effective, natural and functional, especially when seen through the perspective of the soul.

The journey of the soul can be likened to the journey from infancy into adulthood and old age. In those early lives, in which we are not yet aware of anything but our physical bodies and the here and now, we are like children, learning through direct experience. Those experiences that gives us pain, we learn to avoid or deal with. Those that feel good, we seek out. The lessons we learn and the experiences that teach us, are perfect for our stage of awareness and intellect. To use your phrasing, this is the ‘any hammer will do’ stage of living life as an incarnated soul.

When we grow older, as children but also as souls, we start looking at life from a broader perspective and think about who we truly are and what our purpose might be. When we discover that we are more than our physical bodies, and even that we might be eternal beings having multiple lives, we can start seeing the connections between past and present (and future, because we create our future on the basis of past and present beliefs).

Our experiences and the things we learn become more complex as we are able to handle their intellectual complexity more and more.

As we grow in awareness, we will become aware of the way the Universe works, through the principles of the Law of Attraction for instance, and so we can make more conscious decisions on the kind of experiences we want to have and the reality we want to create for ourselves. Any past life hang-ups and negative beliefs we may have taken with us from other lifetimes, can come to life and be healed so we can ultimately become fully conscious beings creating their own world, experience and reality by conscious choice.

So, in my view the journey of the soul is perfectly balanced and fair: we get the perfect experiences and lessons suitable for each stage of awareness and growth, and all experiences we have in all our earthly lives ultimately add up to the total wisdom of the soul.

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