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Re: Back pain
By:Wendy Gillissen
Date: 2 March 2017
In Response To: Back pain (Suzanne)


My experience as a therapist and from personal experience as well, is that when physical symptoms like pain show up overnight and can’t be explained medically, there is indeed a chance that they have their basis in past life or even early life trauma.

To give you an example from personal life: when I was a psychology student in my early twenties, I had an office side job where I was given much too much responsibility (especially for the salary they were paying me!). Being the responsible person that I am, I tried very hard to take it all on but then I got sudden severe pains in my back, between my shoulder blades.

I did a past life regression session on it and chose that pain as a subject to investigate. Sure enough, delving into the pain sent me into a past life in which I took on much too much responsibility as the young son of an Indian Chief. My (his) father had died unexpected and as a son I had to take on his responsibilities while I was really too young. When my tribe was attacked, I was betrayed by our ‘allies’ and shot in the back as I was about to run off to the battle field to defend my people.

I had associated the overload of responsibility, the betrayal and the pain from the arrow so that in this life, when once again I was overburdened and ‘betrayed’ by unscrupulous office managers the pain resurfaced. After the session it was gone.

My experience with clients as well is that when physical aches, pains and symptoms are sudden, unrelated to any kind of physical activity or mishap and untraceable by medical science, they might be the body’s way of expressing some kind of physical, emotional or psychological trauma from early childhood or a past life. They might also be the body’s way of expressing something more related to current life, for instance that you may be overburdening yourself psychologically or emotionally.

My advice to you would be to seek out a past life therapist who has been trained in Roger Woolger’s school in the UK. Roger Woolger was a British Jungian psychologist and past life therapist who was an expert in working with the release and healing of physical past life trauma. If there is indeed a non-physical basis to your back pain, in this life or another, they are sure to help you find it and heal it.

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