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Re: Any past life experiences having to do with trees?
By:Wendy Gillissen
Date: 4 January 2017

Hi Treefriend,

I agree that we humans can be rather ‘speciest’ or humanoid-centred in our way of looking at the universe – for instance, having the notion that animals are somehow ‘lower’ on the ladder of evolution, a notion that has always been alien to me! In my experience, animals, trees, even rocks and minerals are living beings and individuals that can display a (to humans) surprising depth of wisdom or height of sensitivity.

I have had clients regress to experiences of being horses, whales, or connecting to rocks and even taking their energy with them, although not that often.

More often I have encountered past lives as elemental beings in my practice: what we would call gnomes, fairies or elves. I have had some lives like that myself, as elf-like beings that were somewhere between physical and incorporeal, I guess you might say they had astral bodies but not the more dense bodies we humans have. These elf-like beings were very much in tune with nature and adorned themselves with living leaves, moss, and dewdrop jewelry – a beautiful sight!

I have not yet encountered anyone who experienced a life as a tree, but I would not be surprised all that much if that happened.

I don’t think, though, and it has not been my experience, that we ‘progress’ through our lives from mineral and plant to animal and human – as I said, I don’t think we humans are the pinnacle of evolution in that respect! But I think lives as animal, plant or crystal spirit are totally possible for us as a way to experience life on Earth.

I love connecting with trees, and some of them are very wise indeed. The day one of my clients brings up a life as a tree I will be honoured and very happy!

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