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Any past life experiences having to do with trees?
Date: 3 January 2017

I like reading your articles. Somehow, they connect me to what was, what could/would be.... what is.

I have a friend who can talk to trees. She is a very serious, no nonsense school teacher, even a bit stern, who likes to dress in dark sad colors. But when she puts her hand on a tree, and her head close to/on the bark -- like you do on some picture of "Introduction" on your website, and this is why I am asking you this question today -- she gets feelings, deep emotions, and thoughts.

As a student of past lives, have you ever felt, or been told about, strong emotional links with trees that would open the door to remembering a past life as a tree? People often put a barrier between species (people vs animals) and between people and plants/trees (that most of the time justifies using them and eating them). I suspect, from your website, that you often pass that barrier. Would you share some of your thoughts/experiences about the plant/people continuum (if any)?

Maybe if we incarnated as plants before many incarnations as people or animals, we can't remember at all because it was too long ago?

Thank you.

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Any past life experiences having to do with trees? -- TreeFriend -- 3 January 2017
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