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Re: Going back, back, back...
By:Wendy Gillissen
Date: 4 January 2017
In Response To: Going back, back, back... (Coloratura)

Hi Coloratura,

When guiding clients (or myself) into the experience of the very first conscious state of being and subsequent incarnations, I have indeed noticed that the way these are experienced in the session differ between clients, and also between sessions. I think there are a number of reasons for this.

Sometimes, for instance the experience of the first incarnation is traumatic and has multiple layers. For instance, I have relived my own first incarnation several times, each time going deeper into the experience and uncovering more of a complicated story, that afterwards repeated itself over and over in subsequent incarnations – well of course until now ;-)

Sometimes, a client may not be deep in trance enough to be able to access all the ‘data’ of her first state of being, or she may not be ready to process it all so the subconscious only lets her get a percentage of the experience through. I am a great believer in divine timing and the wisdom of the subconscious; so when this happens in a session I don’t push the issue, but check for possible blocks and fears and if they don’t present themselves, work with the information that does come up.

And sometimes it doesn’t get more complicated than that: often people experience their first state of being as a divine spark of light and colour, like soft pink, yellow or blue, happily being and floating until they feel the urge to incarnate, or are simply drawn along by the current of their soul group. The urge to evolve, or to grow by experience as you found is one I often find when regressing clients to this point in time: a ‘classic’ launch pad for the process of reincarnation as a means for the soul to grow.

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