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Re: Mental Illness vs. Spiritual Sensitivity
Date: 10 December 2016

That is an excellent question and it touches directly on the reason why as a past life therapist I can’t conduct sessions with people who are seriously mentally ill.

While people who suffer from mental illness like schizophrenia might, like highly sensitive people or people who have clairvoyant or clairaudient skills, get accurate impressions, messages, feelings or hear voices from the spirit world or their past lives (or the past lives of others), because of their illness they do not have the mental stability and clear ego boundaries necessary to be able to differentiate between, say the voice of their own fear or the voice of a person who has passed over, between the emotion of a past life or that of the person standing next to them, the voice of their own conscience or the strict voice of an internalized authority figure, etc. In other words, they can get their signals and their meaning seriously mixed up.

Moreover, they can get very confused and anxious because of this. It can be difficult enough for people who are merely sensitive to discriminate between the different voices, feelings, impressions etc they might receive from spirit, let alone for people who have extremely shaky boundaries, are disconnected from their bodies, the earth and their higher Self, who have trouble knowing who they are and where reality ends and the realm of illusion begins.

People with mental illness are also much more easy to confuse and trick by less benevolent beings who delight in trickery and feed off the resulting fear and anger.

So while they might receive the ESP input correctly, the signals get scrambled up inside and it is therefore extremely difficult for them to deal with appropriately – or to work with them as a therapist.

I have had instances where I accepted clients who, once we started working in trance, turned out to be mentally unstable. I have learned to recognize the signs, for instance:
- a lack of coherency and psychological reason in the unfolding story;
- a tendency to go in all directions at once and total inability to stick to the topic at hand;
- extreme fear of touching on emotional subjects;
- a tendency to ‘disappear’ and an extreme unwillingness to return to present-day reality.

When these and other signs present themselves in a session, I end the session as smoothly as I can and refer them to other professionals.

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