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Re: Animals have past lives too?
Date: 9 December 2016
In Response To: Animals have past lives too? (Quincy)

Absolutely, in my experience, animals can have multiple lives in different forms, and some people even have past lives as animals. For instance, a client of mine who works with animals professionally, relived a live as a whale, the dominant elder in a pod, who was traumatised when his family was attacked and he couldnít save them. Healing that trauma cleared up issues he had of feeling overly responsible and fearful in this life as a human.

But an even better example of animal past lives comes from an acquaintance whose family had a golden retriever for many years. When the family dog had died, after a few months they got a new puppy. When my acquaintance brought the puppy home to her motherís house, a place the puppy had never been before, it ran from the car, through the street and straight up to the right door and sat there yelping to be let in! My acquaintance felt sure the puppy knew exactly where to go, because she was an incarnation of the old family dog.

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