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Re: Past life injustice and compensation in this one
Date: 4 December 2016

Hi Andrea, excellent question! When people hold grudges from a past life, however justified they may be, and want to get compensation from what they see as the "agressor" in this life, it tells me two things:

1. That their past life hasnít healed and they are still stuck in victim consciousness.

2. That the past life is probably still unconscious of the pact that they have, in fact, died and is still trying clinging on to old issues and trying to compensate for their pain on the earthly plane without the present person knowing it.

To me, as a therapist it is of utmost importance that the past lives that have been traumatized, are made conscious of the fact that their earthly bodies have, in fact died, that they as beings of energy and light are free to move on. The past life of the person in your story is obviously not there yet. When we have been hurt in past lives, the objective is to heal our wounds by releasing our emotions, getting insight into how and why things happened as they did, why the aggressor did what they did, why we still hold onto pain and anger and what we need to release them, forgive ourselves and others where and when it is appropriate, and return to the state of love and effortless being that is our birth right in each life. That is when we are truly free.

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