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Re: Where the souls on earth come from?
Date: 3 December 2016
In Response To: Where the souls on earth come from? (Jennifer)

Hi Jennifer, thanks for your question! I always smile when I get this question, because it is based on the idea that the number of souls is a fixed number and earth the only place we can be. Now in my experience, new souls come into existence all the time, while old souls decide to stop incarnating and go along their way in different form: some may stay here and teach from the other dimensions, as ascended masters, while others may leave completely. At the same time, souls that have existences as other than human beings, for instance angels, elementals, even animals may decide to incarnate as human beings. And Im not even talking about souls that have experiences in other dimensions or star systems before incarnating in human form on Earth, or souls that choose to "take a break" from incarnating in a physical form for a while. So you see, the possibilities of existence are endless and the population on Earth is in no way representative of the total number of souls in the universe.

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