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Re: Concerns about past lives vs. Living in the now
Date: 3 December 2016

Hi Callum, thanks for your question! Actually, the way I see it, is that from the perspective of the soul, all "past lives" are now, and relevant to who we are. As multidimensional and multifaceted beings, all our lives are part of our whole self. In this life, of course our consciousness is mainly focused on this life. When we grow in consciousness, we become able to incorporate the experiences of our other lives as well, which enriches our understanding of ourselves and life in general. All those other lives have valuable experiences in them.

But more importantly, for me as a therapist I see that trauma from past lives can seriously hamper our ability to BE in the now in this life. We get hampered by old limiting beliefs, fears, trigger points that bring us back to the old stuff again and again. It is as if a part of our energy is "stuck" in old trauma, frozen in time. When we donít free that up, it is stuck in the past. Now when we contact those past lives, those other parts of our total Self and assist them in healing, release them so they are free, we free ourselves as well so we are able to be more in the now Ė conscious of all that we are.

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