Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - Massachusetts - Rehoboth. "Healing Through Spirit" Classes
By:School of Inner Wisdom and Healing Center

Healing Through Spirit's “School of Inner Wisdom” focuses on bringing truth to each individual. Truth is what we know inside. When the knowledge that we have and information we are taught is brought into the heart and Spirit's Light shines upon it, this knowledge becomes the wisdom of truth. Anything that is not truth drops away. Life becomes simpler and our direction is clear.

Classes include:
• Co-Creation Manifestation ~ group and individual programs
• CoCreation Pathworking
• A Personal Transformation Journey with the Tarot™
• CoCreation Pathworking Meditation Group ™ ~ A Qabbalah Study Group
• CoCreation IME Healing Therapy ~ Integrative Mental and Emotional Therapy
• CoCreation Past Life Release Therapy
• Spiritual Transcendental Healing
• Spiritual Counseling
• Personal Transformation Coaching
• Reiki