Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - Virginia - Virginia Beach. Transpersonal Studies
By:Atlantic University

Atlantic University offers a graduate program in transpersonal studies that is designed specifically for adults interested in exploring life and themselves, using innovative learning methods. This program is unique in that it introduces the student to the multiple dimensions of holistic living and encourages the process of personal growth. The degree program is available as a distance-learning program with limited, optional residential studies available. The interdisciplinary nature of the program provides students with a variety of learning experiences as well as exposure to alternative methods of education.

The distance-learning program of study uses established study guides as the basis for instruction. After registration, the student receives course materials via the Internet and is assigned to a member of the faculty, who serves as the mentor for the course. The normal mode of communication between the mentor and the student is through e-mail. (Students without Internet access will be accommodated.) Student-initiated phone conferences at periodic intervals during the course may be required.

Message from Charles Thomas Cayce:
When my grandfather Edgar Cayce founded Atlantic University along with a group of supporters and talented faculty, little could they have imagined the methods of education accessible now at the beginning of the 21st century. The resources available to us today-electronic libraries, e-mail communications, audio and video instruction, just to name a few-make reaching people with educational experiences a whole new adventure.

But something important hasn't changed since 1930 when Atlantic University opened its doors to the first students. The principles and concepts that form the heart of the curriculum have stayed the same. Modern research and scholarship have certainly added to our understanding, but certain ideas are still at the center of what Atlantic University has to offer.

- Our essential nature is spiritual
- Learning how to awaken a direct connection to that spiritual core is crucial to our personal development and happiness
- There are many dimensions or levels of human consciousness
- Personal testing and application of new ideas are the ways we come to truly understand them.

Whether your interest is in a single course from Atlantic University or the full curriculum leading to a master's degree in transpersonal studies, I welcome you to this learning community of seekers.

Charles Thomas Cayce
Trustee of Atlantic University