Mediumship and Healing Courses

Germany - Hannover. Mediumship Courses
By:Paul Jacobs and the House of Spirit Hannover

Paul has been teaching various aspects of psychism and mediumship for many years. His main interests at present are developing competent private sitting mediums, and presenting evidential spirit communication from the public platform.

Many students of all levels of experience do not understand at which level they are working. Beginners question whether it is their imagination or truly the spirit world, experienced mediums, often because they already perceive clairvoyant and/or clairaudient information, automatically think it must be coming from the spirit world. These faculties can also be operating on a psychic level ie. the information is more about the recipient than about the Spirit communicator. Under Paul's tuition every student will learn to clearly understand the difference.

Paul believes that if a medium is giving information about the recipient and claiming that it is coming from the spirit world, they must provide evidence to support it. In demonstrating spirit communication to a public audience the emphasis must be on evidence of another intelligence, a mind that has survived physical death. The medium must be able to provide a sufficient weight of evidence to establish the communicator's identity beyond reasonable doubt. The messenger is of prime importance in a public demonstration, not the message. However, Paul believes that there are occasional exceptions to this rule.