Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - Indiana - Chesterfield. Spiritual Healing Classes
By:Camp Chesterfield

Camp Chesterfield is the property of The Indiana Association of Spiritualists, and as an Association we were founded in 1886.

Classes include:

Spiritual Anatomy: Associating the etheric and spiritual centers with the physical anatomy.

Spiritual Healing I: Methods, techniques, and philosophy of spiritual healing.

Spiritual Healing II: The psychology of spiritual healing and practical procedures for public and private practice with prayer, meditation and laying on of hands, utilizing the power of love, intention and intuition.

Spiritual Healing I

Spiritual Healing Ethics: Ethical issues faced by the Spiritual Healer.

Healing Addictive Behavior: Learning skills to detach from dependent relationships. Learn about healing thought systems based on love and release of fear.

Counseling: Focuses on communication techniques to use with your clients.

Auras: Develop the ability to see and feel the aura.

Chakras: The force centers essential to life; connections, definitions, and factors explained in relation to spiritual growth.

Natural Law: Laws ruling the physical, mental, and spiritual planes of life; laws determining consequences resulting from choices.