Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - Surrey - Guildford
By:Anna Taylor <emma@emmamattingley.co.uk>

We all have the gift of mediumship within us. Whether we feel, see, hear, or just know, our intuition works for us all. This natural state of being can be enhanced and refined with exercises and knowledge. Dedication and commitment is important to develop your mediumship skills and also, a willingness to go beyond the normal understanding of society’s restricted belief system.

This class covers all types of mediumship development from psychic work, clairvoyant/sentient and clairaudience to channelling.

If you feel ready to take your gifts to the next level drop Anna a line on 07789 741 163 or anna@taylorlightcreates.co.uk and she will discuss all the possibilities.

For more information, please see our website, http://www.taylorlightcreates.com/mediumship.html