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USA - Washington - Gig Harbor: Guided Afterlife Connections
By:Rochelle Wright

In Guided Afterlife Connections sessions, people connect directly with their loved ones while sitting quietly with their eyes closed. No medium is involved. The facilitator helps the experiencer come gently into a state of openness to the connection using a psychotherapy method called “bilateral stimulation,” but the facilitator does not lead the experiencer in any way. The afterlife connections and communication with loved ones living on the next plane of life unfold naturally, on their own.

See video featuring Rochelle Wright (scroll down to the middle of the page) describing the Guided Afterlife Connections procedure, the effect it has on experiencers, how to contact a trained psychotherapist, and how psychotherapists can arrange for training.

Rochelle is available for Guided Afterlife Connections sessions. She is in Gig Harbor, Washington State.

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