Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Preparation for the Ministry of Spiritualism
By:Morris Pratt Institute

For several years, the Morris Pratt Institute has made available for the student of the Religion, Philosophy and Science of Spiritualism a General Course and an Advanced Course.

The new course is entitled "Educational Course of Study on Modern Spiritualism". It consists of thirty lessons which are divided into six units. Each unit consists of a number of lessons as required by the specific subject. Each lesson consists of the Study Material, a Bibliography, Required and Recommended reading, and Questions for submittal to the Review Team.

Continuing Education - Educational Course on Modern Spiritualism:
- Unit 1 - The History of Spiritualism
- Unit 2 - The Religion of Spiritualism
- Unit 3 - The Science of Spiritualism
- Unit 4 - A Study Of Healing
- Unit 5 - Comparative Religion
- Unit 6 - Representing Spiritualism

The purpose of the Morris Pratt Institute is primarily Education. As such, it functions as one of the National Spiritualist Associations Bureau of Education. Thus, the course provides the student with the background required for preparation for the ministry of Spiritualism as a Spiritualist Teacher, Licentiate, or Ordained Minister, Healer and Medium.