Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - Staffordshire - Stafford: Trance Mediumship, Healing, Philosophy, Art, Circles, General Interest etc
By:The Arthur Findlay Centre

Arthur Findlay Centre in Stafford provides an exciting opportunity for the Spiritualists' National Union to establish a permanent base in the Midlands and beyond for the further promotion and dissemination of Spiritualism. Members have asked for some time whether high quality courses similar to those run at the Arthur Findlay College could be run elsewhere in the country. Our new centre plans to deliver a range of courses, at the same high standards as at the College, at an affordable price, helping us to deliver and progress our key objects.

The Centre provides a beautiful assembly hall with seating for 180, a large training/function room which can cater for up to 120 , a training room with bar area, a recently refurbished café/ reception area, a kitchen , 4 healing/ interview/committee rooms, a shop, an office and 3 sets of toilets. Adjacent to the assembly hall where Stafford Spiritualist Church has been based since 1999, there is an additional kitchen, library, mediums lounge, 3 healing rooms and separate entrance foyer.

- Art
- Circles
- General Interest
- Healing
- Mediumship
- Philosophy
- SNU Education
- Specialist
- Trance Mediumship

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The Arthur Findlay Centre and the Arthur Findlay College has over 50 Approved tutors available to them and alongside them, many specialist and guest tutors who all bring you the highest standards of tuition across many disciplines.