Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - Scotland - Edinburgh: Mediumship and Healing Courses
By:Edinburgh College of Parapsychology

The Edinburgh College of Parapsychology is based in the West End of Edinburgh, Scotland, and promotes all aspects of Non-Denominational Spiritualism. It was founded in 1932 to help the bereaved to understand that Life continues after physical death and to provide a place where enquirers into the Life Beyond can seek that knowledge...all in a non-religious environment.

That it does through regular demonstrations of Mediumship, Private Consultations with experienced Mediums, Spiritual Healing and Confidential Counselling Services, and other activities which are open to the general public. Education also forms an important part of the College's activities: this includes Classes, Courses, Workshops, Talks and Seminars.

The College Library contains over 2,000 specialist books.