Mediumship and Healing Courses

Online (based in California): Master the Keys of Spiritual Protection
By:Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, Sacred Peace Center <info@sacredpeace.org>

In this 8-week online course, Peace Mother imparts timeless Spiritual Protection keys in easy to use forms, zestfully illustrating how to fortify your Harmony, Happiness, Health and Prosperity! These Golden Wisdom Teachings will help you implement the Light-charged principles utilized by Mystics, Shamans, Saints and Yogis to safe-guard mind, body, spirit and home!

Drawing on years of global Shamanic Work, the Holy Mother vivaciously reveals the secrets to augmenting Grace in your Life. Based on Peace Motherís yogic and Shamanic training, this course bestows to you mantras, prayers and rituals for protecting and healing yourself as well as others. Peace Mother's exuberant Devotion to these Spiritual practices is contagious which will help you quickly amplify your inner light! Every spiritual tradition has birthed Impeccable Warriors of Light... Beings who valiantly and consistently serve the Light, regardless of ongoing circumstances. Firmly grounded in Wisdom Ways, The Key to their Mastery is the invocation of Grace, which provides them unwavering spiritual protection from hostile forces.

You too can live Life as An Impeccable Warrior of Light! This course will equip you with spiritual practices that can instantly help you summon Grace. Peace Mother's Wisdom Teachings foster deeper Devotion and enhance Faith, aligning you with your Divine Protectors in a richer way! Greater Spiritual Protection increases Intuition, Clarity, Courage and Creativity! Heighten the connection to your Angels, Master Teachers and Spirit Guides!

Topics Covered:
- Why you need to protect yourself
- Understanding and Dissolving The Source of Suffering
- Identifying and Connecting With Your Source
- Creating Radiant Realities Instead of Nightmares
- How To Increase Daily Awareness and Discernment
- How To Deal With Energy Vampires and Black Magic
- Sealing and Healing The Holes In Your Aura
- Fragmentation from Alcohol, Drugs and Hallucinatory Agents
- Identifying and Dissolving Ghosts, Demons and Entities
- Regaining Your Health, Protecting Children and Pets
- Protection Prayers, Tools, Mantras, The Violet Light

These practical and potent antidotes ignite immense Power within YOU, empowering you to blast past obstacles! Break chains of suffering immediately by bolstering your psychic shield with these supremely effective mystical instruments! Peace Mother bequeaths you profound sacred tools to help you dream the BIG Dream... sing the BIG Song... pray the BIG Prayer... and BLAZE INVINCIBLE LIGHT into EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!

"The Impeccable Warrior lives in a conscious state and
truly feels and accepts that they are sacred beings on a sacred journey,
assisted by a living breathing compassionate Wisdom
that whole-heartedly respects and honors them."
~ Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

What Others Say About this Course:
"The very practical, simple and down-to-earth techniques that Peace Mother shares had an immediate impact upon my life. My spiritual practices became my highest priority once again and I felt the waves of Peace and Joy begin to affect every area of my life. My six-year old son took to the simple techniques like a fish to water. One day I heard him clap loudly three times as he rode in the back of our van. I asked what he was doing and he said 'I had a bad thought and I was driving it away!' (He had heard me do the same thing earlier and soon he was repeating my good example!) Since the first step to freedom is awareness, it gave me great comfort to know that I had shared something that would help him 're-member' his own powerful, "Warrior of Light" Self!"
- Cheryl B - VA, USA

"I can't thank you enough for the positive changes that you have brought to my son and his partner. You have given them both the chance to live as you say, "the BIG Life." For that I am eternally grateful."
- Dr. Robert T - VA, USA

About Peace Mother and the Sacred Peace Center:
The Sacred Peace Center is a tax-exempt non-profit organization, founded by International Peace Shaman, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, whose mission is to awaken the bliss, ecstasy, Peace and healing power within the human spirit. We provide Shamanic and yogic training based to empower you in living each day the Sacred Way and activate the Light within you so you can triumph over obstacles, align with your Spirit Guides and reach your Highest Destiny!

Peace Mother is author of soul-strengthening books, "The Impeccable Warrior of Light" and "The Shamanic Art of Self Healing" and has recorded many mantra CDs for Spiritual Protection, Devotion, Prosperity and Healing and is gifted with the highest degree of healing sound. A descendant of the Maya and Huichol Native Traditions, Peace Mother was trained in Shamanic Mayan Soul Retrieval Limpias and Sacred Ceremony

Peace Mother's Teachings help us create inner and outer Harmony. Calling upon the many traditions on Mother Earth to come together and work in Unity, She re-minds the world that all genuine paths lead to the Sacred Temple of the Heart.