Mediumship and Healing Courses

Australia - NSW - Griffith: Spiritual Development 1
By:Annadale Schwencke <askanna@live.com.au>

Spiritual Development 1

This is an Introductory Workshop on Spirituality designed for Beginners and Intermediate people that have interest in growing their pyschic ability and spirit.

Topics covered but not limited to:
-Fundamentals of Energy
-Learning & Listening to your Intuition
-Grounding & Protection Work
-Understanding and Introduction to Angels
-Introducing the Higher Self
-Understanding your gifts
-Meditation for Self Balance & Healing
-Psychic Development 101

Included but not limited to these subjects.

Guided Meditations are included in the workshop.

Course is taught by Spiritual Healer and Psychic/Clairvoyant Anna, the owner of MYSTIC LYNX in Regional NSW AUSTRALIA. Please go to the website for more information on her abilities and workshop information and costs.

Course places are limited. Please book early.

Organised and produced (in conjunction with spirit) by MYSTIC LYNX-Griffith NSW Australia

Mystic Lynx
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Tel: (02) 6964 2250