Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - Northampton: Mediumship, Colour, Trance, Shamanic, Native American
By:Maureen Murnan CSNU, BSY(col) IACBP

I have been a working medium for the past 20 years. I serve many Spiritualist churches and centere's all across the UK, and Europe. My work as a medium has also lead me into the teaching of many spiritualist & mediumistic topics. In fact teaching has become a great passion for me, I believe strongly in the necessity for good training and study, to nurture the development of all aspects of mediumship.

The last 15 years have been very important to me in my work at the Arthur Findlay College in Essex England, where I trained and now work as a tutor and course organiser, and enjoy greatly the opportunity to work with students from all over the world. As ambassadors for the spiritual world we need to learn how to present our mediumship in a professional, responsible and sympathetic manner. The right training and development can help to build good and firm foundations upon which we can spend a lifetime expanding and progressing our work for the spiritual world.

My love of Colour and my work with colour and the Aura in my mediumship has lead me to work more closely with the power and versatility of the visible spectrum, I have taken a diploma with the British School of Yoga in Colour Therapy and find colour to be a wonderful healing tool. I am also a Colour Breathing Practitioner.

Over the years many aspects of mediumship have become a part of my personal journey, including Trance. And because I have a great love for the Native American Philosophies, I have been given many opportunities to learn and work with some Native American peoples like the Cherokee and the Lakota people of South Dakota.

I have learned over the years that life can be a very exciting adventure if only we take the time to look for the magic in this journey we call life, it is often said that if we open our eyes to the mystery, the mysteries within will reveal themselves.

My seminars include:

Awaken to Spirit (Beginners levels)

Journey into Mediumship (intermediate to higher levels)

The Living Rainbow (All aspects of Colour)

Trance and the Altered States of Consciousness (Variable levels)

Natures Vibrations (Colour-Sound-Fragrance)

Let the Soul Speak (Inspirational speaking/Writing)

Journey of the Soul (The personal path inc Meditation)

Shamanic Path (The personal shamanic journey)

The drum journey (Healing and vision through the power of drum)