Mediumship and Healing Courses

Australia - QLD - Forest Lake-Brisbane
By:Lorna Simmons, Past Life and Inter-Life Spiritual Hypnotherapist

Welcome...Spiritual Seeker!...

I have put together a series of one day spiritual weekend workshops designed for people who seek a deeper understanding of who they are as a soul.

We will be facilitating three levels, and each level includes three, 1 day workshops, held once a month on Sundays. There are nine workshops altogether and they will be split over 6 to 9 months. Each workshop is designed to build on the previous one, by increasing self awarness, confidence in intuition and psychic abilities by developing a strong connection to your guides and higher self.

Some of the topics we will cover through this series are :
- How the mind and energy work
- Auras and the Chakra system
- Pendulums & Dowsing
- Tarot
- Understand Synchronicity
- How the Laws of the Universe work
- Connect to your Spirit Guides and Masters
- Experience Past Life Regression
- Learn more about your past lives through Karmic Evolutionary Astrology
- Journey into the Inter-life to meet with your Soul circle family
- Access the Akashic Records.
- Clear karmic pattern, contracts, vows.
- Answer these questions and more:
.Why was I born?
.What is my soul's mission?
.Where is my soul mate?
.Is this really the right work for me?
.Is there more to life than this?