Mediumship and Healing Courses

Australia - ACT - Canberra
By:Togetherness Healing: Angi and Robert

Togetherness healing is about getting it all together... together with ourselves - mind, body and soul, living the life of our dreams, of our passion, with a healthy body and enthusiasm, together with our loved ones & friends, together with our community and the world.

Transformational Workshops Heal Your Life, based on the philosophies of Louise Hay. Learn to reprogram your mind, change childhood lessons and negative beliefs.

About Angi:
I am a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, running workshops based upon Louise Hay's philosophies. Believing in the power of the mind we can live the life we dream, be happy and at peace.

I am a professional trainer and business woman. I have a keen interest in holistic living and alternative medicine with qualifications in Reiki and psycho-spiritual hypnotherapy specializing in past life regressions and the interlife.

About Robert:
I studied Orion/DNA healing techniques (now called Theta Healing), followed by Reiki. In 2005, I was shown the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques by Rod Sherwin. I have since updated by Orion skills by undertaking the Theta DNA courses in 2009.

I use these techniques to help other people to heal themselves. My passion is about making a difference by helping humanity understand the value and benefit of giving and receiving universal and unconditional love. Heal yourself, Heal the World.