Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - Illinois - Oak Brook, on DVDs, ONLINE, and on cruise ships
By:Caroline Myss Education Institute (CMED)

Created by world-renowned intuitive and respected lecturer in the field of health, intuition and contemporary spirituality, Caroline Myss, CMED offers serious students powerful and intensive courses designed to enrich your spiritual life and enhance your sense of well being.

The CMED Institute (Caroline Myss Education) is now ten-years-old. During this past decade, CMED has evolved to become an internationally recognized institute offering students seminars in the field of spirituality and human consciousness research.

CMED is an Institute devoted to personal transformation, healing, and the studies of mystical truth. It is a contemporary mystery school that helps people to investigate questions of meaning and purpose in life, a place where people meet soul companions and form lifetime friendships. CMED has turned out to be far more than we ever envisioned because it has grown organically, evolving from the study of archetypes and Sacred Contracts to include the vast domain of mystical literature and the mystical journey of the individual.