Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - Washington - Seattle
By:Verla - The Living Light Foundation

Verla worked for 20 years in human potential development, first in sales and marketing and later in management and training. After retiring from the corporate world in 1999, she founded The Living Light Foundation, which is dedicated to providing pathways to enlightenment through education, healing, and transformation. She opened a private practice in January, 2000. Through her studies with the Rocky Mountain Mystery School she has incorporated these spiritual teachings and healings into her practice. Initiated as a Teacher and a Guide Member in the Brother/Sisterhood of Light, she also serves as a Kabbalist, Celtic Shaman, Clan Mother, Priestess of Elemental Magick, Channel, and 3.0 Ritual Master. In 2004 she received worldwide certification as an Instructor of the Universal Mystical Kabbalah for this Mystery School.

Verla genuinely enjoys this work and is a gifted teacher, healer, channel, business coach and mentor. Her primary focus when working with either individuals or groups is personal empowerment, healing, and practical application.

As part of her work, she does:
- 22-Strand DNA Activations
- Personalized Life Path Channeling
- Belief System Removal and Vibrational Healing
- Home and Office Clearing and Creating Sacred Space
- Mentoring for Spiritually-Oriented Businesses
- Other Empowerment and Healing Modalities:
   King Solomon Healings
   Starseed Healings
   Unified Chakra Awakening
   Crystal Healing
   Tree of Life Healing
   Core Gene Replacement
   Isis Healing
   16 Petaled Lotus Healing
   Enochian Healing

Classes she either teaches or hosts:
Adept I Class and Initiation
Adept II
Adam Kadmon, The New Human
Astral Travel
Gifts of the Spirit
Dragon Magick
Etheric Surgery
Sacred Geometry II
The Angels & You
Romantic Living
Sacred Geometry
Stress Management and Self Mastery
Vibrational Healing with the DNA, Levels I, II, and III
Universal Kabbalah
Advanced Adept
Return to Unconditional Love
Transformational Forgiveness