Mediumship and Healing Courses

Online (based in Bar Mills, Maine, USA)
By:Winter Robinson

In these two internet-based study groups I lead you through belief systems and expanded ways of looking at / discovering your "intuitive process." Using the concept that intuition is a verb, and an on-going process, we seek to discover how to look at the "whole" rather than the sum of the parts. It is currently my belief that we have fragmented intuition from the whole, which is impossible to do, yet we have tried.

1- Awakening Intuition is exciting for me because we will use the intuitive process as Satori (a sudden flash of awareness). I take a fresh approach to just what is "intuition"? What does it mean to use it along with our emotions and our rational thinking mind?

Consider taking this online class if you have:
- a desire to expand your awareness/consciousness
- a curiosity about discovering/developing intuition personally and professionally
- a desire for personal empowerment
- a desire to live sustainably on the planet
- a questioning/seeking of life purpose
- a sense of being in a place of change and transition
- a crisis in health
- a desire to use imagery as complementary medicine, or want to understand what your body is telling you

2- Intuition for health (medical intuition): This class focuses on the relationship of intuition to health: your health, the health of your client, the health of the whole.