Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - Essex - Tollesbury
By:The Saahera Centre and Church / Carole and David McEntee-Taylor

We offer Healer Training, Healer Counsellor Training, Certificated Medium training and Minister training.

Once you have sat in the development group for a while you may feel that you would like to develop your talents further. The next step is to consider joining either the Medium training course and/or the Healer training course or you can just carry on sitting in the development circle. It is entirely up to you when and whether you decide to develop further.

Medium Training

Unlike the healing course which sets a specific minimum time limit there is no set length for medium training. Everybody develops at different rates and in different ways and, as with life, you will never really finish your training as you will always be learning!

However, the training is on alternate Monday evenings and is run on similar lines to an ordinary development group except the meditations are much longer and deeper and we do exercises after the meditation. The length of time you will need to attend depends on the individual, how much experience you already have and how quickly you develop.

You will be encouraged to write, talk in trance and give philosophical addresses (messages) as you would if you were on platform at divine services in spiritual churches and centres. When you are ready you will be able to practice your skills at 'fledgling evenings' at Mersea Tiptree and Kelvedon amongst other centres and churches. You will also be able to practice giving private readings, learn how to run your own circles and teach medium development.