Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK (throughout) - Mediumship & Healing Accreditation
By:British Spiritualist Federation

Beginners Mediumship:
The British Spiritualist Federation runs one day workshops throughout the UK in mediumship. This workshop is an accreditation workshop where people are accredited provided they can form a genuine link with spirit and understand the difference between a psychic and spirit link. This will be done with 2 recognised accreditors through the form of tools such as feathers, flour, ribbons and various other exercises. The day is quite light hearted and friendly and anyone with an interest in mediumship can take this accreditation.

Registered Approved Medium:
If you successfully achieve the Beginners Mediumship accreditation and wish to progress to the Registered Approved Medium, you must sit or have sat in a development circle for at least a year. Accreditation as a Registered Approved Medium will be given if you can give a public spiritual address of approximately 10 minutes, give a demonstration of mediumship for 30 minutes and be able to prove that links are from spirit through evidence.

Advanced Registered Approved Medium:
Covers tutoring on all aspects of mediumship, including trance, physical, philosophy and circle leadership elements.