Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - Gloucestershire - Cirencester. Dowsing Training Programme
By:The British Society of Dowsers

We firmly believe our new Training Programme offers the most comprehensive and carefully structured dowsing tuition in the world.

The British Society of Dowsers' courses are led by our acclaimed and inspirational Registered Tutors, most of whom are members of our Professional Register. This means you are taught by dowsers with practical, current experience in their highly specialist fields of health, water divining, earth energies & environmental healing.

While recognising there are many ways to learn dowsing, we are confident in our claim to take you from complete beginner to expert level in your chosen field. Dowsing responsibly, in a safe and suitable environment, at your own pace, BSD courses are the essential ingredient to help you complete your development into an accomplished dowser. Additional knowledge from Special Interest Groups enhance your skills to make a truly rounded and practised dowser, ready to share the knowledge you have gained with others.

New to our courses package is ‘General and Practical Dowsing'. This course gives you a comprehensive view of dowsing for tangible targets such as pipes, cables and drains. These tasks typify just the sort of jobs dowsers are asked to do in an engineering context as well as in the home, and the course includes tuition in the location of lost objects.

For Earth Energy addicts we are delighted to introduce a series of six new courses. This exciting development now features:
- Environmental Healing: Foundation
- Environmental Healing 1: Understanding Geopathic Stress
- Environmental Healing 2: Understanding Geopsychic Stress
- Environmental Healing: Techno
- Earth Energies: Power Centres
- Environmental Healing: Advanced