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USA - Hawai - Kurtistown. The Toltec Tradition
By:Dr. Susan Gregg

The Toltec Tradition is a way of life. It is a way of life that offers you the complete freedom to be your authentic self. The path of change is unique to each of us and I have found that the Toltec tradition can assist each and every person in finding his or her own inner truth, leading to a new way of being. This way of being can allow you to experience a life free of limitations. It is a path that can lead you to personal freedom and a life based on love rather than fear. The Toltec tradition, as I teach it, is not merely a bunch of concepts. It is an approach to living - an approach that, if practiced, will undoubtedly change your life completely and truly set you free.

After the Toltec conquered the city of Teotihuacán, around 700 AD, a secret society formed within the Teotihuacán civilization dedicated to preserving the knowledge of the wise ones. I have come to call them the “Ancient Ones.” The Ancient Ones were a race of indigenous people who were recognized as teachers of spirituality, science, and the arts. This secret society embraced the ideals of priestly rule and peaceful behavior for which the city of Teotihuacán was formally known. The apprentices who carried this wisdom forward became known as “men and women of knowledge.”

According to the Toltec, the Ancient Ones understood the illusionary nature of reality. They realized that life was limitless and that it was our mind’s perspective of reality that caused all our suffering and limitations. They knew all of life was part of a great mystery and that there was no way to separate the secular from the sacred nor science from spirit. To a “normal” person, they appeared to be magicians or wizards because they could perform great feats such as heal the sick and affecting the weather. They could also manifest material objects and influence time.

After the Spanish conquest in the late 1500’s, the knowledge became a carefully guarded secret passed that was passed down and subtly altered (like a great family recipe) through various family and community lineages. Today, this information is slowly emerging and being shared more openly.