Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - New York - Lily Dale. Training for Spiritualist Clergy
By:Center for Spiritualist Studies

The Center is incorporated as a religious seminary by the New York State Board of Regents. The goal of the curriculum is the training of Spiritualist Clergy, Teachers, Mediums and Healers.

Our Purpose and Mission: The Center for Spiritualist Studies is structured with a threefold purpose:

- To provide for the spiritual needs of the individual.

- To train Spiritualist clergy, teachers, mediums and healers to be equipped to effectively serve humanity in a religious capacity.

- To serve the practical educational and certification requirements of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches and other Spiritualist organizations.

In the broader sense the curriculum are designed to educate students to contribute productively to society while extending and enriching the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Modern Spiritualism.