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Re: Was it my Dad ?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 8 September 2013
In Response To: Was it my Dad ? (Donna)

Dear Donna

Many thanks for your interesting question. It is one indicative of spiritual understanding, rather than of psychic connotations.

First of all, may I point to one important detail? It is impossible to know who exactly, what concentration of energy was involved, in the situation you mention. Yes, I am aware there are people about, who would give you a speculative answer. On the other hand, my work isn’t held within the realms of guesswork or superstition. Rather, the point of truth lies in your own instincts and spiritual comprehension. Perhaps I might enlighten on the point I have mentioned. There is a natural link between our loved-ones who have moved into eternity. There is a bridge (often described as the medium), however everyone has the capacity to inter-communicate with our companions in light. It is a natural process, which has existed since the dawn of time and the concept of humanity as we comprehend it! The link between the ‘Two-Worlds’ is the greatest component of all we can ever perceive, the vital building block of life – it is LOVE! Without love, there is nothing of worth, it bonds and supports humanity through the trial and tribulations we walk through, on the journey of life. Where love exists, there is life. Where love moves, there in an inter-connection, one that allows our loved-ones to make contact with those in this ‘World of Earth and Solidity’.

Often, people wish only to see ‘the form’ of our spiritual friends. Sometimes there isn’t enough energy so other ways are given, like signs, and as you describe, an occurrence which draws you attention to a singular focal point. Nothing unusual, it happens a lot; the trouble is many people cast it off. Others, however, look a little deeper, and realise that what has happened is a symbol or sign. If you read historical accounts, or religious documents, there are many accounts of what you, yourself, were aware of. It is as natural as the sun in the sky, or the moon at night. Life is a continuum; some people don’t see this, but it is a reality, and far better for individuals who seek, rather than those with ‘closed’ minds.

My personal thought is like that of yours, it is an indicator of spiritual content. Keep seeking; other things will take place. It happens to me and many more people. It is awareness and opening of the corridors of the mind, gaining fulfilment, enlightenment and peace, in knowledge of eternal life.

I will you well and hope this doorway of light opens wider in your quest for spiritual contact.

With Showers of Light and Peace


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