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Re: lost ring
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 25 August 2013
In Response To: lost ring (joanne)

Dear Joanne

I am sorry but I will be brief with my reply. If you looked at the many questions I have answered over the last few years, you will notice the replies are all spiritual. Perhaps, you may have a misunderstanding between a ‘spiritual medium’ and a ‘psychic’. Each has their own abilities and individual characteristics, all within the greater plan of life. Nonetheless, I am a spiritual medium and your question doesn’t fall within my work, interpretation, or remit of spiritual communication.

In material terms, perhaps the difference between a ‘spiritual medium’ and a ‘psychic’ is akin to the skills between a ‘Carpenter' or a 'Joiner’: each works with the same commodity (wood), each possessing different skill-sets.

I would say logically, if you are meant to find it, you will. This is a plausible response. However, are you sure you have physically checked everywhere for the ring, and are you totally certain that someone did not misplace it, or did not move it to another location.

I wish you well, but sorry that my spiritual gift doesn’t fall within your question.

Eternal light and fulfilment


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