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Re: My father
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 25 August 2013
In Response To: My father (Sara)

Dear Sara

First of all, may I draw your attention to the purpose of my answers on “Spiritualist Resources”? My replies are always generic. The reason is simple: I can’t give specific ‘messages’. It would be inappropriate, foolhardy and irresponsible to pass messages, through the uncertainty surrounding the communicative process of the internet. As such, my replies are wholly spiritually inspired, articulated to help people to find their own destiny, through spiritual understanding and truths.

Now back to the situation you describe. You feel your passed father is around you. This is not unfamiliar to many people throughout the world. In many cases, people close their minds and believe physical death is the end of everything, and it is most certainly not...

You say you are scared or unsure when you feel he is not about. Perhaps, if you look at the many times in this life when a loved-one isn’t around, you may start to have a wider perspective of the movement of life. Life is a continuum, moving from conception to physical death and beyond.

Perchance, a few words I use when taking special services for the bereaved may help: “We move from eternity into this world and then return back to eternity”. These are words not from Spiritualism, rather from a religion that goes many years – Judaism... Once we lose a loved one, our emotions move across the whole spectrum. Basically, if we love we grieve, consequently the more we love – the more we grieve. Sad but true. Another point is that after losing a loved-one, we all inevitably hold doubts. You mention an awareness of you father, this is a major step forward in your realisation of eternal life, and is the opening of your spiritual appreciation of the ‘whole’, wider purpose of life.

Perhaps without sounding insensitive, you may look onto my website where I have a ‘blog’ about the process of grieving - I will place the link below. Some people believe we can hold back a person who has moved from this world into light - we can’t! All of life is logical, not illogical. There are too many who have strange ideas nowadays, lost in a myriad of ideas. Spirituality is the central point within the movement of all life, held with the finest ingredient known to us all - love, in its purest sense. Love is the link with those who have moved beyond the veil of physical death, and now reside in the great kingdom of peace, tranquilly and growth.

Taking spirituality from the literal perspective, I am not sure if you father would be a ‘Guide’ in the sense I feel you are indicating. Nevertheless, loved ones now in ‘light’ are in contact through the portal of the ‘mind’. Again, I would say our companions who are beyond the ‘rocks of matter’ do all they can to support and help, where they can, their own loved-ones still upon their earthly pathway. In short, this is not too dissimilar from a loving ‘Mother or Father’ in this world, who cares and helps their child, along the path of life.

Kindest thoughts of peace and understanding


PS The web link at my website stephenwakeling.com for the article "Understanding the Process of Grieving and Loss" is the following:

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