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Thank you...
Date: 30 March 2010
In Response To: Re: Messages from the 'other-side' (Stephen Wakeling)

Hi Stephen,

Thank you so much for your reply......which has helped me understand a lot more now.

But, I must tell you that about half an hour ago I was emailing to a friend of mine when a very loud deafening 'bang' went off in my lounge. At first, I thought somebody may have thrown a heavy stone at my window so, I went outside to check if I could see anyone but, there was nobody in sight or any evidence of a stone.

Then I checked all the electrics because the 'bang' just sounded like a fuse blowing...it was that loud! But, everything electrical is working fine and all fuses are ok. The 'bang' seemed to be near my armchair where my cat sleeps. I nearly jumped out of my skin but, my cat didn't stir atall.

Would appreciate your view on this.

Since the age of fifteen I've been told that I've got a job for the spirit-world to do (I'm now fifty-six) It was at a materialisation and direct voice service held by the late Jimmy Gardner from Preston in 1969 that I was first told this by a fully materialised spirit. Later on during the service my nana materialised and spoke to my mum and held her hand, it was truly amazing!!! But, it is only now that a few mediums at my local spiritualist church are telling me that my work will start soon later this year.

I have no idea what the work could be. But, could these loud 'bangs' be spirits way of testing my 'tuning levels' so to speak?

Once again...

Many Thanks

Love and Light


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