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Re: Am I something more than me
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 22 June 2013
In Response To: Am I something more than me (S.)

Hello S.

Thanks for the question; though it is long, there is a simple answer. Every one of us, within the movement of humanity and nature, is interlinked to the next world; simply it is a natural process.

What you describe is not too dissimilar to many questions I have answered over the years. It would appear that your problem is that you need to develop you spirituality. By development, I don’t mean you should be trying to become a medium, because mediumship is only one route. What you should do is attend an appropriate place of learning, where you can gain understanding and knowledge. You mention situations when you were young; again very usual, not uncommon, many people experience this. Why you may ask? The answer is simple, because when one is young there is little or no fear, no anxiety and since there are no preconceived ideas, the gateway between the “Two- Worlds” is easier to access. When one gets older, thoughts, fixed ideas, prejudices, and fear, clutter the natural spiritual dialogue and intercommunication. You mention feeling pains. Often this situation is referred to by ‘mediums’ as a condition. As with your other points, this is all part of the process of human interaction - also witnessed in the animal kingdom - which is often referred to, or called, second-sight or intuition.

In the latter part of your question you mention being different or special. Different is natural, we are all different to some point, each of us have numerous gifts, which when working in tandem with good thoughts, move towards making a more harmonious and peaceful environment, in either this world or the next. Special is a rather more concerning word. Unfortunately, today there is a movement of people who have this peculiar misconceived idea that being a ‘medium’ is something SPECIAL. It isn’t; mediums are born, a gift, like being a sports-person, a technician, or a really good person (of which, not all mediums are). You need to learn to be content with yourself by gaining inner-being. If you wish for spiritual attainment, you will need to seek, look around, enjoy what you have, and celebrate the wonders of life. Spiritual knowledge is within all of the great teachings of life. Information about the movement of life goes right back to the ‘Vedas of India’ written in Sanskrit, which form an integral part of Hinduism. There is very, very little, in this world, that is entirely new.

If you wish to learn, you first have to seek; with this question, one can assume the process has now started. Find what your path of life is. Even the great and good have had to take the road to enlightenment, no different from the Great Budha, Muhammad, Christ, or lesser mortals, like today’s mediums. All who seek will ultimately find their answers. I, like the Taoist Buddhist, look for the simple lessons of life, they are around and about you, all of the way through the footsteps of life, you will see them if you look. When you mention being special, I would say, you already are. You disclose you are a ‘Qualified Nurse,’ a most notable profession, one where help, kindness and comfort are given. If however you are seeking just the road to being a medium, perhaps it is not all it would appear to be. The road is fraught with difficulties, and for those who present a case for public notoriety and fame, I assure you, this is a distraction or side-show. Throughout history, great work has been undertaken by many truly gifted and wonderful mediums. On countless occasions, true gifted spiritually attained people have worked in the shadows of life, often ostracised and outcast. Nevertheless, if your pathway takes you towards a particular destiny, enjoy it and let the intuition and support of your companions in light help you to reach the state of oneness and enlightenment we all seek.

In conclusion, I refer to you last paragraph “Please help me figure this out because there could be something very important I need to be doing”. I am sorry to say, only you can find out what is ‘important’, it lies upon your pathway to your destiny. I wish you well in your search for inner-peace and tranquility, a prize we all attain - eventually!

Kindest thoughts


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