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Communicating with my husband herminio
Date: 5 June 2013

Hi Stephen , I recently lost my husband april19 2013. I am completely devastated. I ask god for courage and strength every night to deal with this tremendous loss. I also ask my guide and angels top,ease show me signs that my husband is ok and is watching over me. Two nights ago around 1:28 am I awoke to a pinch to my hand. I just wanted to know if this was my husbands way of letting me know he is ok . I also dreamt with him two nights after he was cremated. In this dream I was running through a hospital looking for my husband and no one could tell me where he was. Suddenly so done told me he is in 6g. I went to the sixth floor and I ran down a corridor with doors on both side(black raw iron doors). When I reached the end of the hall I was facing another black door and it had 6g on it. As I slowly opened it , it was as if the sun was in there. It was so bright. My three children were to the right of the room and in the middle of the room was a bed and there laying in it was my husband. Sleeping so peacefully dressed in white. In my dream I was aware my husband had passed already so I was shocked and happy to see him. As I approached the bed and reached out to touch him he grabbed my hand and whimpered slightly sat up on the side of the bed and sat me down next to him. He then asked my daughter to take a picture of us. She tried to take the picture from her phone and she couldn't. She was freaking out because she knew he would disappear soon. And I got desperate and yelled quick take the picture. He looked at me embraced me. Kissed me on my cheek and told me. It's ok. It's ok. I remember every detail of this dream. Was it really a dream or was he telling me he was ok. I'm so confused I don't know what to think

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