Medium Stephen Wakeling Answers Your Questions

Re: Consequence of premature death on a soul. Soul consciousness & relatives at time of death
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 13 May 2013

Dear Viraj

Thank you for contacting ‘Spiritualist Resources’. I know it takes time to reply; but as with all of us, one is held within the restrictions of time.

I can answer some of the questions, though I generally only take one question at a time. I feel sure within the many replies I have made to ‘Spiritualist Resources’ you will find either answers, or at least, an indicator for you to pursue.

In the first question - When does the soul become fully conscious after clinical death? - the answer for spiritually enlightened souls is instantaneous. With those who are held in the restrictions of material gain, power and or greed, it may take longer with a protracted period of attunement and aligning to the higher vibrations of the ‘World of Light’. One should be aware, at this point in my reply, time as we know it, doesn’t exist in the next dimension. Nevertheless, there has to be a measurement, or else, you wouldn’t realise any growth. In simple terms, you need points of reference to measure how your spirituality has grown and developed.

The second question - Do the relatives on the other side meet him/her now or after the soul crosses the dark tunnel/energy curtain/veil of death? - is a little confusing. You mention a ‘Dark Tunnel’, something I have never encountered, or a terminology with reference and dialogue from my spiritual companions in light. The answer is simple: there is no ‘Dark Tunnel’ one enters into a great and supreme light. ‘Guru Nanak’ the first Sikh Guru said, on his release from this ‘World of Matter’, ‘I am going to enter into the “Great Golden Light” and it is a golden light which embraces our very being. Regarding loved ones meeting us: Often loved-ones make themselves known, reuniting with those making their transition, often sometime before a soul takes the short-step into the eternity, which awaits us all.

The third question - What are the consequences to the soul of premature death? - falls into the realms of spiritual knowledge through the natural law of cause and effect. There is an article on my website called ‘Cause and Effect’ (click here). With a question like this, one should be aware the next world is a natural one, nothing is by chance. In this world we are restricted, only seeing a short-way down the path of life. For this reason, with spiritual awareness you start to appreciate more the ‘Enlightened Souls’ of the great ‘Lords of Light’ akin to Buddha, Gandhi, Mohammed, Christ, Rumi, or Adi Shankara.

Regarding if one gains a form of compensation, upon a soul being reborn into this world. The point you make is for someone after a previous life, where they have been murdered, or a mistake has happened. Again, with spiritual knowledge, one starts to appreciate the logical process of the interaction between the ‘Two-Worlds’. There are no easy answers, though the solutions are there, for those who seek. In many cases, like Taoism working upon the meaning of harmony, seeking answers which often rest in simplicity. I am a fatalist by thought and belief. If something is going to happen it will. We are all on the ‘Circle of Life’; each of us at different points. Reincarnation; I believe is the exception, not the rule; though others believe differently, so if I am wrong, I will have another lesson to learn. But, I do believe in the ‘Spiritualist Principle of Compensation and Retribution’, in the hereafter, for all the good and evil things, we do. I consider the word ‘retribution’ a little ‘outdated’, and rather lost, in today’s changing world.

You fourth question - How do you ensure that the soul to be contacted alone comes through and not some other ? Do photograph of the person help here? - is balanced by your spiritual understanding, unfoldment and awareness. If you open your spiritual gift(s) correctly with a proper teacher, and you have the essential training, with time, effort, and balance of mind, linked to whether you are genuinely gifted, will eliminate the problem you mention. The challenge is simple. There are many today who are not true sensitives only fun-seekers, or glory hunters, looking for themselves, where the egocentric is set upon personal desires, not the true pathway of support for humanity.

The point you make about a photograph is yes!! Without doubt, mental pictures of a loved-ones help and support the process of spiritual communication. The invention of photography is a most wonderful thing and allows the mind to focus. With a spiritual link, it is a natural communicative process, sometimes involving the medium, but on other occasions (as with dreams) the connection is made through the point of sleep. Where there is no fear, the mind is attuned, often whilst in the ‘Astral-Plane’ or during meditation, or a moment, where you retain the memory of a particular dream, or spiritual connection.

Personally I do not undertake Skype readings. I am sure all of your loved ones, who have moved forward, are well. I am sure you will find a genuine person, who will aid you, in getting your own proof of survival of life beyond this one.

Eternal Blessings of Peace and Light