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Re: Could these be physic experiences?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 5 May 2013
In Response To: Could these be physic experiences? (Cathryn)

Dear Cathryn

Sorry for my late reply to your question but the reason is two-fold, one my busy workload, secondly the difficulty we all have in this world, which is time.

The question you ask is relatively simple because the answer is yes! There have been many recorded accounts of people who have experienced premonitions, or intuition, about an incident or events, that are about to happen. I am sure the famous lines from Shakespeare give an indication of the linkage of premonition, second-sight and dreams within the Play Julius Caesar Act 1, Scene 2, 15-19, which recites the dialogue between Caesar, Brutus and the Soothsayer:


Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue shriller than all the music
Cry "Caesar!" Speak; Caesar is turn'd to hear.


Beware the ides of March.


What man is that?


A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

I note you mention seeing your Mum and reference to her cremation. I believe this was a dream, one that has the hallmarks of grief, because after the passing of a loved one, we are often in a confused almost surreal period of time. For someone who has transcended out beyond this ‘World of Matter’, it is inconsequential as to the disposal of the physical body. The soul, the essence of the physical body, has left, and now resides in eternal light. At this point, the physical body is only a memory, the movement of life, has taken the spiritual essence of a person to the higher ether of the ‘Supreme Light’, which has moved into the realms of what we know is the ‘Golden Light’ of eternity.

Knowledge of spiritual matters gives the appreciation; this physical body is comparable to a house, a beautiful house, but not so wonderful as the tenant (the soul) that resides within. For one day, we must all leave this physical body, and in one simple movement, return to our true homes in the ‘World of Light and Beauty’, simply we return home. Another example is within a sentence I use at my funeral services: We move from eternity into this life and then back out into eternity. These words are not from the text of Spiritualism, they are in fact from Judaism, another example of the spiritual connection of all religions, faiths and beliefs. Additionally, try to think that death is the fading of a cloud, the severing of a link, the breaking of a chain, the casting off of the mortal shroud – the soul’s ultimate goal. The earth reclaims that of earth, the spirit is released into light - all a natural process. The conclusion is: no matter how the spirit communicates to this world of matter is of no consequence, to the next journey of greater discovery.

The second question is one that affects all animal lovers. Accidents happen to us all. It is your sensitivity providing you with the essence of humanity. I had an accident with a pet mouse Mitzi when I was about 11 years old. I still remember the accident; there was nothing I can do about it then, or now, apart from being thankful I am an animal lover. Perhaps you might think within the same frame of mind.

The reference to a medium who told you only cats, dogs and dolphins go to the next life, as we humans: This is another example of a ridiculous statement. It amazes me where so called mediums make such stupid and irresponsible comments. Though I am a great believer in Charles Darwin’s great works, it smacks of some of the rather extreme views of followers of the theories of ‘Darwinism’. With the list of animals one is drawn to think along the lines of selectivity, survival of the strongest. Perhaps the medium is only refereeing to animal species they personally like, maybe their mind eliminates reptiles, or lower invertebrates? There are many accounts of people meeting on their return to the ‘World of Light’ with cats, dogs, horses, birds (wild and aviary), donkeys and many other animals. There is a natural law: all living things must have a soul, without it there is nothing, no life as such. The conclusion is there are other worlds, within worlds, take a look at this world, there are many interactions, not just within the animal kingdom – life is in fact, multi-dimensional.

In conclusion, I am sure the rabbit has forgiven you, and perhaps the so called medium has gained a little spiritual understanding, comprehension and awareness – and yes miracles do happen.

Kindest thoughts


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