Medium Stephen Wakeling Answers Your Questions

Could these be physic experiences?
Date: 26 April 2013

Hello, Is it possible to know a day or two before someone is about to pass away? I've had many experiences of this, including my parents and two of my cats. Also I have had weird dreams connected with this. And one weird occasion after my mum's death. My mum's wish was to be cremated. The day after her funeral I saw her stood at the side of my bed and she told me not to be cremated as it was terrible. This was 32 and half years ago and I still wonder if she was really there or a dream, it seemed so real though and very upsetting to think my mum went through that.

Hope you don't mind me asking another question. This morning a rabbit ran out in front of me, I swerved to avoid it but sadly couldn't. As an animal lover I'm devastated. After my cat Cookie passed away I contacted a medium as I wasn't coping, (as with all my pets) he told me that only cats, dogs and dolphins go to the next life as we do. I found this hard to believe and hope it's the same for all. I hope the rabbit can forgive me. Sorry for the extra question.

Thank you