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Who I am
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 6 September 2009

I have been a Spiritualist Medium for nearly 30 years; this work has combined with my life skills within training and management consultancy. The greatest thing about my life is that I have lived, enjoyed and wondered at its beauty. Indeed, I have had a most interesting and fortunate life. From modest beginnings, in a working area of Nottingham, I have had the destiny to travel extensively around the world, meeting some interesting and enlightened people.

Spiritually, I have had many experiences. Yet, I have tried to stand firm in my belief, that my gift is a part of a greater plan, embracing others, who work for the benefit of humanity. Today, there is an ever growing movement of people who seek spiritual knowledge, but they are often drawn into the pursuit of their own ambitions. Having tasted work upon theatres, and presenting my spiritual work for many years, it is of no personal concern or gains to me, to seek fame, or notoriety fame in reality, is an illusion.

There are those who make exaggerated statements about their spiritual capacity, those who assert to being the best, and this I believe is sad. Only the foolish, or egocentrics, can make such a sweeping statements. We all enjoy, the same gift of life, each of us having a reflection of divinity set within us, without the hand of God, we are nothing. So, personal glorification is a lesson I have tried hard to learn, seeking enlightenment, through an understanding of the capacity of the individual, but working to embrace the collective strength of the whole.

The nine years spent with my spiritual teacher and mentor Jack Corbett of Leicester, brought out the spiritual and prevalent aspect of my life. The lessons I have learnt on this earthly path have supported the work of others, who in many cases are more gifted than I. Yet, the efforts of spiritual understanding and enlightenment are central within my life, which is always to be balanced, the fulcrum is commonsense.

Stephen Wakeling

13th of September 2009


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