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Re: My spirit guides
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 23 March 2013
In Response To: My spirit guides (Stephen)

Hello Stephen

This is an interesting question, one that draws up many thoughts and ideas to be considered within any reply.

First of all, one should look at whether you are a practicing medium or not. Why you may ask? Simply it is interesting to ascertain as to why you wish to know the names of your spiritual companions. The reason could be twofold; general interest, or, if in the case of mediumship, to build-up a closer relationship. If the answer lies in the first motive it is for general interest only, wherein the second offers greater rewards for both yourself and most importantly ‘the other person, the receiver of a spiritual message’. If the answer is the first reason, I feel there would be no point in giving any further detail. Nonetheless, taking the second reason, one would move into the realms of spiritual unfoldment and development. Of course, one is interested to identify names. An obvious motive would be to gain greater insight in the individual characteristics, personality and additional information, all to help the interlinking connection between two-souls.

Yet, we should look a little further into the whole subject. Spiritual companions, or taking the old adage ‘Guardian Angel(s)’, are spiritually advanced souls, who are capable of interlinking with people who are residents in this ‘World of Earth’ all of which, is for very specific reasons. Part of the rationale is to help, provide guidance and give interface to humanity, as we move through the many trails and tribulations encountered through the movement of life. Unfortunately, we who take a spiritual path, are often ridiculed for comments about ‘Spirit Guides’. Why, because on countless occasions, we hear garbled words and voices from the pseudo-trance protagonists, who present make belief claims, from some discarnate being, who supposedly operate through their physical body. Silly and stupid accents often attached to so called Chinese, North American Indian or Zulu Spirit Guides; makes a laughing stock, which undermines the very fabric of the few, genuine trance-mediums. There are always fakes, frauds, charlatans and the self-delusional, and or those who seek fame and monetary reward – they do no one any favours! If one looks into the past, you will see “genuine mediums” whose spiritual companions have given wonderful proof and knowledge. To assist you, I have added a contact website, if you are looking into the subject with great interest, it is www.silverbirchpublishing.co.uk. I am sure you will find the information contained within of great value.

Just a couple of final points: Often ‘Spirit Guide’ use a certain persona to help spiritual connection; this is also explained in the books of Silver Birch. He asserts why there is use of a visual name and the adoption of a certain persona to make it easier for a medium to focus. Visual imagery for those of us in this lower vibrational ‘World of Earth’ who find it easier to improve a mental image of say a Franciscan Monk or a Nun, rather than a mill worker in northern England, in the late 1800’s, or a peasant farmer on the slopes of the Andes Mountains. When one has developed a closer link with our friends in ‘light’, other details will emerge. However, the important point is not to focus just upon the ‘Spirit Guide’, because their primary concern is your development and how you (in the case of the medium) you can, help and support mankind and benefit the process of human enhancement.

The last point infers could I help; I take the view you mean who are your ‘Spirit Guides’? If this is the case I am sorry to say no. The reason is quite simple. I am not your spiritual teacher; as such, it would be foolhardy and irresponsible of me to hand out assumptive ideas. One has to be particularly careful when transferring speculative information and testimony through the unchartered connections of the internet

Your answer lies in getting a teacher, or joining a spiritual development class. Still, be aware. There are good, and others dire to say the least, with so called mediums who themselves are inadequate, or else underdeveloped themselves. Sadly, nowadays we can, if not careful, fall into the trap of the blind leading the blind – no wonder spiritualism has in my opinion takes a huge step backwards, from the golden days of long ago.

I wish you well in your spiritual unfoldment and progression.

In Peace and Light - Stephen

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