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Re: Managing medium abilities
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 23 March 2013
In Response To: Managing medium abilities (KellyP)

Hello Kelly

It is heartening to hear of someone who is concerned about someone else. However, it does worry me when I read the content of your question, and find complete confusion about the natural interaction between the ‘Two-Worlds’. Perhaps, this is another sad situation where the people who perpetuate tales of ghosts and darkness have built this negative illusion of spiritual communication. It is a sorry state of affairs that our spiritual companies, who seek nothing more than to help support our movement forward, are perceived by many as confusion, apprehension and fear.

Your words indicate your friend has nothing physically wrong. Nonetheless, when I read the details in your question, where you assert he “cannot get out of bed”, I must confess there may be deep-rooted problems beyond the domain of spiritual development. Yes, I am aware as most people are, that unfoldment of your spiritual capacity brings greater clarity and understanding about the interaction between the ‘Two-Worlds’. Additionally, that enlightenment will take away the recesses and shadows of doubt and misunderstanding. Except, in your account, you are describing a person who appears on the face of it, not to understand the reasons for spiritual intercourse. The primary rationale for spiritual messages is not to cause confusion. No it is to support others, through your own understanding and education of the working of life for the betterment of humanity.

To me there may be two issues. One may be of physical nature; I can only reply on the one about the spiritual description of the problem. I would suggest your friend seeks either to contact a ‘qualified spiritual teacher’ or to step away from spiritual interaction. You may think this is not easy; I would not agree: If you are of a balanced disposition, you will simply say no, and our spiritual companions will step back. It is of no use, and totally illogical. Highly evolved spiritual entities do not even try to work spiritually with someone who is not in a position to understand the basic essence of the interaction of the ‘World of Light’ and this ‘World of Matter’.

If your friend really does want to open to the great light, he will need to gain knowledge. Gradually the veil of insecurity will slip away, to open the corridors of enlightenment. Fear and trepidation are taken away and replaced with illumination, peace and harmony. You also mention being drained. This is another issue because true spiritual interaction does the opposite: it uplifts and stimulates the soul and supports your inner-being with the essence of ‘spirit’ which is happiness, harmony and love. I would suggest you may look at some of the many answers I have given over the last three years, the answers are there if you are prepared to look and seek. Your own freedom of spirituality is through opening your mind to bountiful haven of peace and the wisdom of spiritual interaction, it will bring and provide you with unconditional love and light.

In Peace and Understanding


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