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Re: Lost my beloved dog - KIM
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 14 March 2013
In Response To: Lost my beloved dog - KIM (Guadalupe)

Dear Lupita

Thank you for your very poignant question. First of all may I say how sorry I am to hear of the sad news about the accident involving your pet dog Kim?

I have documented quite a lot of information through the pages of ‘Spiritualist Resources’, about the interaction we have with our pets. We are often closer to our pets, for the reason that we have a different connection, one where we gain in return for unconditional love and affection. At least you have opened your mind to the realisation that through the ‘landscape of dreams’ we are able to look through the portal of the mind and interlink in the realm of the ‘Astral Plane’. It is obvious you realise you cannot replace the physical touch, though the emotional ability, that we all have, is an open-door to our sweetest affections. The uncluttered of dreams is the gateway and is the divine link, which connects all living into the framework of life. The structure of life has two interlinking components. One of these is the physical body we are all living in, the other our spiritual, or etheric body, the illumination of both is the soul. Whether animal, the family of humanity, or the beauty of nature, we all interlink within the process of life, which has no measurement because it is timeless.

Taking the above information into account, you are spiritually aware enough to appreciate the opportunities that the process of dreams provides. My opinion is that you may be trying too hard. If this is the case, you will find you are simply blocking a natural process. Yes, it is easy to say relax and let nature takes it course. But, it really isn’t as easy as that, though you will have to be patient. May I suggest a little more meditation, possibly using visual imagery, like favourite photographs, to increase the connection with Kim? Try to relax and support the building of the energy field essential for your success.

I wish you well. I am sure you will gain the contact you are seeking. Nevertheless, there is no hard and fast rule apart from the fact it may take time, though I am sure this will not detract or stop your inevitable link to your pet.

Kindest thoughts

In Light and Peace


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