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Re: pictures im seeing
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 10 March 2013
In Response To: pictures im seeing (don)

Hi Don

An interesting question; if you look through many of my previous answers within the pages of Spiritualist Resources, you will understand a little more about the natural interaction of our companions in the ‘World of Light’. Nevertheless, I will try to help you grasp the basic problem you talk about.

The interaction of spiritual communication between the ‘Two-Worlds’ occurs through the whole spectrum of vibrations. In this world the vibrations are denser and slow, in the next higher and lighter, they oscillate, and move at the point where communication interlinks. The connection is the moment where spiritual contact is established, sometimes through the channel of mediumship, at others when one gains a glimpse of the dimensions of light. The joining of the vibrations is so natural it occurs at various moments through our physical lives and of course at the moments of birth or death. From the point of mediumship the movement is often misinterpreted. Confusion misinterprets the terminology of faster or slower and one should be aware that the mechanism is natural, thus allowing for a window to allow us an insight into our future home.

From your question, I may suggest that you are at a point where the interconnection of your spiritual capacity has not merged with your potential. The answer lies with spiritual development, effort and gaining inner-peace. To unfold any ‘spiritual gifts’, you need to be patient, and open to the higher vibrations. Through spiritual awareness, you will unlock the faculties of your mind, but you will need to work and develop yourself. The flashing images you speak about are only a symptom of the process of spiritual intercourse, which takes time, hard-work, effort and many years to open out. Though every one of us gains clear sight, this is why when we pass-over, and we are all open to the higher vibrations of the ‘World of Light’ because it is the natural process of life. If however you are wishing to develop objective clairvoyance, I am afraid to say, that even if you are gifted, you will still need years and years of dedication, effort, patience and commitment. If this is your aspiration I wish you well on the opening of your attitude and ability.

Kindest thoughts


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