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Re: pre incarnation plan
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 3 March 2013
In Response To: pre incarnation plan (Simone)

Dear Simone

It has taken sometime to reply. The reason for the delay is twofold: first I wanted time to contemplate more about your question, and secondly I’m in a very busy period of work thus replies are taking me longer to complete.

Before I answer there are a few points I need to clarify. One is to reaffirm, I am not the panacea of all knowledge, and as such I am restricted within my own limitations, understanding and comprehension regarding the interaction between the ‘Two-Worlds’. Though my spiritual journey now extends beyond 30 years, there are still many questions I personally need to wait for inspiration so that my answer has spiritual content and depth. The anecdotal question you provide is one I am unfamiliar with. As such with the subject matter supplied, I must confess I would be foolhardy to impart an answer, owing to what one sees may incur specific judicial involvement. Nonetheless, I am prepared to look at the subject in its wider setting and context, bringing some clarity to the wider subject of reincarnation.

Over the many pages of answers to “Spiritualist Resources”, I have provided a vast amount of information regarding the subject of ‘reincarnation’. You will also notice; I point to a greater source of knowledge, directing people to read the teachings of ‘Silver Birch’ the spiritual guide of the great trance-medium Maurice Barbanell. You can find more details on the website: silverbirchpublishing.co.uk; I take the same belief in reincarnation as Silver Birch: “Reincarnation is the exception, rather than the rule”. The books are relatively inexpensive, and will give a detailed insight into this interesting subject.

Now back to the mainstay of your question, but taking away the narrative in your second paragraph. First one should realise this earthy life is for a reason, one that is often obscure from our limited vision. Life is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and interacts with many others – in a nutshell part of a greater working within the wheel of humanity... We are aware that not all people are moral in their thoughts and interaction with others. All of the atrocities through the pages of history and annals of time are perpetrated by man, and not through the hand of the ‘Great Spirit of the Universe and beyond’. On a personal level, I find myself fortunate that along life’s pathway, I have met no-one who I would look upon as evil, wicked or malevolent. Nonetheless, there are many who succumb to the distractions of earthly desires, wants, possessions, greed and money. Taking this aside, we know not all of humanity has the same values and principles, indeed, morals are like the movement of the oceans of the world; changing from shallow to great-depths, turbulence to calm.

Reincarnation is part of the great plan of the ‘Creator of the Universe’, or as the native North American Indians called ‘Wakan Tanka’, roughly translated as ‘all that is holy and mysterious.’ Taking the view that reincarnation is the exception, rather than the rule, one starts to grasp the multiplicity of the interaction between humanity, along with Mother Earth, the Universe and the ‘Natural World’. All elements interact through the unwinding movement of life. The interaction vibrates; from light to dark, emotion to emotion, twisting and turning like a spinning-wheel, interweaving, turning through the melody and kaleidoscope of life. Alas there are extremes! The terrible account you mention is an extreme, fortunately there are many tales of goodness, decency and integrity in this ‘World of Earth and Matter’ to give humanity hope and expectation, that light will always prevail over darkness.

Like you. I believe we choose to be in this life, taking the ups and downs as they come along. However, similar to your views I have heard mediums whose words say, “we have to experience pain and other terrible discomforts before we incarnate.” There is a simple answer – absolute rubbish, drivel and nonsense. It is ridiculous to the point of being nonsensical bunkum; we are here at this conjecture in time, to learn with our fellow travellers in earth. It is impossible to feel every emotion, we do not need to experience everything – simply it would be impossible. Yet, we do experience many things through our interaction with the lives of others, within our interaction and comprehension of the narrative of other people’s journey through this life and beyond.

Terrible as the account you describe, the pages of history are littered many accounts of pain, sorrow and anguish. One would ascertain, one wouldn’t have wished to be onboard the Titanic, R101, the battle fields of the Somme in 1916, or at the Twin-Towers in New York. Our prayers and thoughts are with those who lost their physical lives at these moments in history. These are all tragic events given through misguided ideals, plans or conflict. Yet on the other pages of history we see the other side of the coin, where great compassion, light and love has build the foundations of goodness in the hearts of the human brotherhood. Life moves like a great pendulum from happiness to sadness - laughter to tears. Reincarnation gives us all a chance to right the wrongs, plant new seeds of hope in barren land and minds to push back the barriers of doubt, darkness and pain. Our mission is to take away misguidance, greed, and always seek the “Great Light” of all thing, which dwells in the hearts of the whole of mankind; the light is your own individual perception being that of “God - The Great Spirit”....

Life is for living. The greatest gift we all possess is a reflection of the “whole” through the mechanism of life; we fashion the pathway for future generations to move along. There are things we understand and others we need to recognise as obstacles to overcome. Some barriers are negativities holding humanity back. Yet we are held within the moulding of our great potential, for we are all temporary residents in this ‘World of Earth’ until we are called back home into light. Yes I believe we have compensation and retribution for the good we do, and that evil or wrong doing in a future time will have to be paid for in full......

I have added a footnote which might be of interest to you and useful for future knowledge; it comes from the Lakota people of North America. I wish you well on your understanding, seek and all will become clearer.

Showers of Blessings



To the Sioux, religion was not separate from everyday life. They believed that human beings, like the buffalo and other animals, were created from the Mother Earth. Human beings and nature were seen as one. There was no clear distinction between the natural and the supernatural.

The Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit)

The extraordinary was called the ‘Wakan Tanka’, and included all that was unexplained, mysterious, prevailing, or sacred. The words Wakan Tanka interpret as “all that is holy and mysterious”. The Wakan Tanka had always been present and would always be. It had created the universe, and hitherto, at the same time, was and include the universe and beyond. The Sun, Moon, Stars, the Earth, the very ground, rocks, and all human soul are all an expression and manifestations of the Wakan Tanka.

“From Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery comes all power. It is from Wakan Tanka that the holy man has his wisdom and the power to heal and make holy charms. Man knows that all healing plants are given by Wakan Tanka, therefore they are holy. So too is the buffalo holy, because it is the gift of the Wakan Tanka”.

Meza Blaska Oglala Sioux Chief

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